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Baobab Tree of Life - cells and tissue regeneration 



INCI: Adansonia Digitata.


Baobab seed oil is one of our beautiful organic ingredients we use in our serums.


What is Baobab oil best for?

Baobab has been used for centuries and possibly millennia in Nigeria and Africa for the maintenance of healthy skin and the traditional treatment of skin disorders. We use it in our LILIXIR Ageless Rejuvenating serums.

 The plant and seed oil, used for skin care and treatment, have several benefits due to the constituents of the plant oils (free fatty acids, triglycerides, ceramides, phospholipids, vitamins and antioxidants) which have been shown to promote healthy skin barrier function, wound healing and have anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial effects. 

Baobab seeds are particularly essential sources of vitamins, including vitamins A, D, E and K.

Vitamins A and K are polyunsaturated fatty acids and these acids are directly responsible of the renewal of cell membranes also, rich in vitamin E, which affords oxidative stability and a long shelf life.



Does Baobab Oil have anti-aging properties?

Also, the existing of Vitamin E, Linoleic oils which are useful for the protection of the skin production and moisturization, can help with decreasing inflammation and promote the reform of the cells and tissue generation.


Published Research: African oils in dermatology

Published Research: Chemical and nutrient analysis of baobab



Baobab oil skin functions

  • Antioxidant,
  • Anti-Inflammatory,
  • Tonic,
  • Collagen-Enhancing,
  • Protective,
  • Conditioning,
  • Revitalizing,
  • Moisturizing,
  • Strengthening.


You can find all these benefits in our LILIXIR Ageless Rejuvenating Day Serum.

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