The Inspirational Story of LILIXIR's Founder

Founder and CEO of LILIXIR - Lilia Ivanov, Female founder from Canada

The Visionary Behind LILIXIR - Lilia Ivanov, Founder and CEO


In the heart of our brand, LILIXIR, lies a remarkable journey, driven by passion, sustainability, and an unwavering commitment to natural beauty. Meet the visionary founder who breathed life into LILIXIR - Lilia Ivanov. Her story is a testament to the power of dreams, determination, and the beauty that nature offers.

From Digital Fatigue to Natural Beauty 

Lilia's transition from the demanding world of software engineering to the realm of skincare and wellness was inspired by her personal experience battling digital fatigue. After years of devoting herself to the financial industry and enduring prolonged periods in front of computer screens, her skin had endured the consequences. This realization became a catalyst for change, leading her to embark on a transformative journey toward natural beauty and self-care.

Lilia's profound shift from the digital world to the realm of skincare reflects her dedication to holistic well-being and the pursuit of a healthier, more radiant complexion. This transformation serves as a testament to the power of self-care, mindfulness, and embracing a skincare routine that revitalizes the skin and nourishes it from within. LILIXIR is not just a brand; it's a manifestation of Lilia's personal journey and commitment to helping others achieve their own natural beauty by addressing the challenges of digital fatigue.

A Commitment to Knowledge and Expertise

Lilia's transformation began with a thirst for knowledge. She is a lifelong learner, dedicated to understanding the best of nature and trusting the science behind skincare. She earned multiple certifications and diplomas, including:
  • Diploma in Organic and Natural Skincare Formulations
  • Diploma in Beauty Brand Business Management
  • Certificate in Organic Anti-Aging Skincare
  • Certificate in Natural Cosmetic Preservation
  • Certificate in Cosmetic Stability Testing
  • Certificate in Facial Masque Therapy
  • Certificate in Chocolate Spa Products
  • Advanced Diploma in Organic Cosmetic Science (in progress).

The Birth of LILIXIR 

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Lilia's journey led to the birth of LILIXIR. It was born from a desire to share the transformative potential of natural beauty with the world. Lilia envisioned a brand that would not only celebrate individuality but also prioritize sustainability and inclusivity. LILIXIR's inception is deeply intertwined with Lilia's personal journey, which traces its roots back to Eastern Europe (Republic of Moldova).

Over a decade ago, she embarked on a life-changing journey, leaving her homeland to make Canada her new home. The warmth and acceptance she found in Quebec left an indelible mark on her heart, and it was here that she decided to create LILIXIR as a heartfelt thank-you to the province that had welcomed her as an immigrant.

In a beautiful homage to Quebec, Lilia incorporated the lily flower, the symbol of the province, into LILIXIR's logo. This flower not only represents the natural beauty of the region but also serves as a reminder of the diverse and inclusive community that inspired the brand's creation. LILIXIR is a testament to the power of gratitude, the celebration of one's heritage, and the unwavering commitment to promoting sustainability, inclusivity, and the transformative potential of natural beauty.

A Purpose-Driven Path

For Lilia, LILIXIR isn't just a brand; it's a purpose. She believes that a beauty company should serve a purpose that benefits the environment, society, and individuals. This commitment shines through LILIXIR's sustainable practices, inclusivity, and dedication to reforestation through initiatives like "Each Bottle Plants a Tree."

The inception of LILIXIR marks the fruition of Lilia's personal journey and her profound passion for redefining beauty. As she embarked on her quest for healthier, more radiant skin, she envisioned a brand that could empower others to embrace their unique beauty while also emphasizing the principles of sustainability and inclusivity. Lilia's vision was to create a skincare line that transcended conventional norms, one that celebrated individuality and diversity.

LILIXIR stands as a testament to Lilia's commitment to fostering a beauty community that champions authenticity and conscious living. It embodies her belief that beauty should not be constrained by rigid standards but should instead be a reflection of one's inner vitality. Through LILIXIR, Lilia aspires to inspire others to embark on their own journeys of self-discovery and self-care, nurturing their skin and spirit in harmony with the natural world. The birth of LILIXIR is a testament to the enduring power of one woman's vision to transform the world of beauty and skincare.

Join the Journey 

LILIXIR is more than skincare; it's a transformative journey guided by Lilia's unwavering passion for beauty, knowledge sharing, nature, and sustainability. With LILIXIR, she invites you to join in this journey, to embrace the radiant beauty that nature offers, and to be a part of a community that believes in the power of conscious skincare.

LILIXIR extends an open invitation to all who share in the vision of a more beautiful and sustainable world. It's not just about skincare; it's about embracing a transformative journey led by Lilia's profound passion for beauty, nature, and sustainability. Through LILIXIR, you are invited to rediscover the innate radiance that nature provides and become a part of a vibrant community that believes in the transformative potential of conscious skincare.

Lilia's visionary spirit lights the way to a future where beauty and sustainability coexist harmoniously. As you embark on your journey with LILIXIR, you'll discover the profound beauty that nature offers and join a community dedicated to making a positive impact on the world. Let LILIXIR be your guiding light in the skincare world, and together, we can illuminate a path to a more beautiful, sustainable, and inclusive future.