Why did we chose to write with braille on LILIXIR packaging

LILIXIR innovative packaging is leading the way to a more diverse and inclusive society

Why did we chose to write with braille on lilixir packaging

Diversity and inclusion are crucial aspects of modern society

Diversity and inclusion are two of the most important values that every industry should strive for. However, the beauty industry has historically struggled with inclusivity, often catering to a narrow definition of beauty that doesn't reflect the diversity of its customers. That's why it would be refreshing to see more brands like LILIXIR leading the way in creating a more inclusive and diverse beauty industry.

Every individual, regardless of their background or abilities, should have equal access to resources and opportunities. Unfortunately, many people still face exclusion and discrimination due to their disabilities, particularly those with visual impairments. This is where braille comes in.

At LILIXIR we took a step forward to make our packaging accessible to visually impaired individuals by including braille on our product packaging. This simple but thoughtful gesture shows that LILIXIR is committed to making our brand accessible to everyone, regardless of their abilities.


What is braille?

Braille is a tactile writing system used by individuals with visual impairments to read and write. The system uses raised dots on paper, allowing users to feel and interpret the text with their fingertips. The dots are arranged in patterns representing letters, numbers, and even musical notation.

Braille was invented in 1824 by Louis Braille, a Frenchman who lost his sight due to an accident. Braille's system quickly gained popularity, particularly among blind individuals and educators, and it continues to be widely used today.

Braille is used for a variety of purposes, including reading books, magazines, and other printed materials, writing notes, and labeling products. Braille labels on packaging are particularly useful for blind individuals who rely on tactile cues to identify products and understand their ingredients.


Why did we choose to write with braille on LILIXIR serums packaging

LILIXIR takes pride in being a natural, sustainable and inclusive skincare brand, we recognize the importance of accessibility and inclusion. That's why we chose to write the product names in braille on our packaging.

By including braille on our packaging, LILIXIR is sending a message of inclusivity and accessibility to our customers. Visually impaired individuals can now easily identify and use LILIXIR's products, just like any other customer. It's a small but meaningful step towards a more inclusive society.

Braille is an essential tool for them to read and write. It's widely used for a variety of purposes, including labeling products, and can make a big difference in the lives of blind individuals.

By choosing to include braille on our packaging, at LILIXIR, we demonstrate our commitment to accessibility and inclusivity. Let's hope more brands will follow our lead and embrace diversity and inclusion in all aspects of their business. We want LILIXIR to be a shining example of a brand that's committed to inclusivity and diversity in the beauty industry. From our marketing to our product formulations to our packaging, LILIXIR strives to create a skincare experience that works for everyone.

By taking these steps, LILIXIR is helping to create a more inclusive and diverse beauty industry, one that reflects the diversity of our customers and celebrates everyone's unique beauty.


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