LILIXIR White Crystal Gua Sha - Facial Acupressure tool - LILIXIR
LILIXIR White Crystal Gua Sha - Facial Acupressure tool - LILIXIR
LILIXIR White Crystal Gua Sha - Facial Acupressure tool - LILIXIR
LILIXIR White Crystal Gua Sha - Facial Acupressure tool - LILIXIR
LILIXIR White Crystal Gua Sha - Facial Acupressure tool - LILIXIR
LILIXIR White Crystal Gua Sha - Facial Acupressure tool - LILIXIR
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  • Load image into Gallery viewer, LILIXIR White Crystal Gua Sha - Facial Acupressure tool - LILIXIR
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, LILIXIR White Crystal Gua Sha - Facial Acupressure tool - LILIXIR
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, LILIXIR White Crystal Gua Sha - Facial Acupressure tool - LILIXIR
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, LILIXIR White Crystal Gua Sha - Facial Acupressure tool - LILIXIR
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, LILIXIR White Crystal Gua Sha - Facial Acupressure tool - LILIXIR

LILIXIR White Crystal Gua Sha - Acupressure Tool

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LILIXIR Luxury Wellness Tools

Elevate Your Beauty Ritual with LILIXIR White Crystal Gua Sha

Unlock the secrets of timeless beauty with the LILIXIR White Crystal Gua Sha – a modern point-pressure facial massage and lifting tool that transcends skincare, offering a transformative wellness experience.

This modern point-pressure facial massage and lifting tool helps you improve your beauty routine by enhancing blood circulation and lymphatic drainage, smoothing your skin, and leaving your face appearing elevated and radiant after use.

Gua Sha is a healing method used in traditional Chinese medicine that involves "press-stroking" the body's surface with a tool with a smooth edge to stimulate a specific area.  It requires a base  such as a facial oil, serums, lotion, or water and a smooth-surfaced object like jade plates, stones, metal plates, or even utensils.

Every LILIXIR Gua Sha is different in terms of pattern and color due to inherent variations in stone. Use it in combination with your favorite LILIXIR Ageless Rejuvenating Serums for a better performance.



What is LILIXIR White Crystal Gua Sha?

What is LILIXIR White Crystal Gua Sha? facial massage and lifting tool. Buy antiaging skincare tools.

Harmony of Tradition and Innovation

Derived from ancient Chinese healing practices, the LILIXIR White Crystal Gua Sha enriches your beauty ritual. This tool enhances blood circulation, promotes lymphatic drainage, and imparts a radiant, elevated glow to your skin.

Rooted in the ancient art of Gua Sha, this practice involves "press-stroking" the skin with a smooth-edged tool to stimulate specific areas. Whether paired with facial oil, serums, lotion, or water, this versatile tool's heart lies in its ability to harmonize your skincare routine.

Nature's Imprint

Each LILIXIR Gua Sha is a unique masterpiece, reflecting the inherent variations in stone. Crafted from the natural Crystal Clear Quartz, the White Crystal Gua Sha is a testament to the fusion of modern craftsmanship and ancient wisdom. Its exceptional quality, captivating colors, and smooth edges enrich your wellness journey, connecting you with the essence of nature itself.

Benefits Beyond Beauty

Beyond its beauty-enhancing prowess, the LILIXIR White Crystal Gua Sha offers profound benefits. Recent scientific evidence underscores its effectiveness in reducing muscle tension and promoting relaxation. The therapeutic "scraping" action and inherent pulsating frequency of the tool stimulate muscles, tissues, and blood vessels, enhancing local microcirculation. This resonance fosters not only rejuvenation but also holistic healing.

The Essence of Balance

The White Crystal Gua Sha exudes a cooling essence, balancing your body and mind. This tool's calming properties extend beyond skincare – they weave into your moments of meditation, reflection, and self-love. Designed with a focus on ergonomics, the Gua Sha's shape ensures a comfortable grip, harmonizing your practice.

Empowerment through Acupressure

Explore the realm of acupressure with the LILIXIR White Crystal Gua Sha. Its mindful design promotes local microcirculation, lymphatic drainage, and smooth skin. By re-educating facial muscles, it lifts, tones, and enhances elasticity. Your cells awaken, accelerating healing and promoting clearer, healthier skin. As you glide it across your skin, it enhances product absorption, revealing an ageless glow.

Your Sustainable Choice

Embrace sustainability without compromise. Hand-carved from non-porous White Crystal-Clear Quartz, this Gua Sha ensures hygiene and longevity. With durability and easy sanitization, it aligns with our commitment to a more conscious world.

How does Gua Sha work

The exceptional quality, neat color and smooth edges of LILIXIR White Crystal Gua Sha makes this treatment even more luxurious, helping you connect with Nature.

We choose white crystal stone because is less porous compared with other stones and it will not absorb creams or oils they are used with, so should stay very hygienic with proper care. LILIXIR White Crystal Gua Sha  is hand carved from the natural Crystal Clear Quartz and it works for all skin types. 

LILIXIR White crystal gua sha, facial lifting and massage tool. Luxury Wellness tools, massage stones, wellbeing and anti-aging gua sha therapy.

  • Perfect for a rejuvenating and facial lifting massage
  • Increases blood circulation and lymphatic drainage
  • Releases muscle tension
  • Glides very well on the skin with or without moisturizers
  • Its heart shape offers a good grip and makes your facial or body massage very effective
  • Can be used on multiple body parts - face, neck and cleavage, hands, back and shoulders
  • Perfect for both, people who use facial oils and for those who don't
  • Makes a great gift for any person wishing to elevate their beauty routine
  • Comes with a recyclable and reusable cardboard gift box and a travel pouch for your convenience.


LILIXIR White Crystal Gua Sha benefits

Recent scientific evidence has shown that naturopathic reflex therapies such as Gua Sha massage are helpful in muscle pain relaxation. Naturopathic reflex therapies have been shown to reduce symptoms of chronic pain: Read published research here.

"Gua Sha therapy" is associated with rebalancing the QI equation of the body. For that to happen, the resonance of the material must synergize with that of the body. When the tool scrapes over the skin, it has an exceptional ability to stimulate and vibrate the muscles, tissues, and blood vessels and increases microcirculation local to a treated area. Not only the "scraping" but the natural pulsating frequency of the material also helps with healing.

LILIXIR White Crystal Facial Lift Gua Sha has balancing properties and retains its coolness for long periods of time. It has calming properties and aids in meditation, reflection, and self-love. The shape of this Gua Sha facial lifting and massage tool is designed to allow for comfortable grip during use.

Acupressure and facial massage  benefits

  • Promotes local microcirculation to a treated area, unveiling an ageless glow
  • Promotes lymphatic drainage and reduces puffiness
  • Smooths out facial expressions and re-educates facial muscles to lift, tone and increase skin elasticity
  • Awakens cells and accelerates healing and clearing up the skin
  • Enhances product absorption
  • Works by engaging tissue to eliminate fluid build-up in the lymph nodes (which can give an impression of a more contoured face)
  • Good for all skin types, ages and multiple body parts.

The above statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This item is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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When and how to use gua sha in your skincare routine

We recommend using gua sha for a light facial massage every day in the morning and night, for a few minutes, together with your facial serum.

How to use LILIXIR White Crystal Gua Sha Facial Lift and Acupressure tool

  • Clean and disinfect your gua sha before and after each use with warm water and detergent.
  • After thoroughly cleansing your face, prepare your complexion by applying a facial oil, serum, or moisturizer.
  • Using moderate to medium pressure, scrape the surface outwards.
  • Start with the forehead while maintaining a flat tool against the skin. From the forehead to the brows, gently scrape.
  • Move to the cheekbones and scrape from the ear to the nose's crease.
    Utilize the two-curved Gua Sha tool end by moving to the chin.
  • Beginning at the jawline, scrape all the way to the ear. To relieve stress, gently massage the ear with the Gua Sha tool.
  • Gently scrape the Gua Sha over the under-eye region from the inner angle of the eye outward to the temple. It's crucial to only use light pressure because the region is so delicate.


IMPORANT: It is always advisable to have your own personal Gua Sha tool (like a toothbrush), and not share it with anyone. 

CAUTIONAvoid this technique if you’ve had any surgery in the last six weeks. People who are taking blood thinners or have clotting disorders aren’t good candidates for Gua Sha.




LILIXIR Luxury Wellness Tools White crystal guasha, facial lifting tool, facial massage tool, acupressure rejuvenating tools.


Below are the 5 reasons we choose to use White Crystal-Clear Quartz:

1. Safety first

White Crystal-Clear Quartz is nonporous, this means it will prevent bacteria from being accumulated and transferred to the skin.

2. Sustainability and Environment protection

LILIXIR White Crystal-Clear Gua Sha is made of natural clear quartz, which is re-usable,
sustainable and it endures longer than many other materials.

3. Hand-carved crystal

White Crystal is a beautiful and light stone, soft and pleasant to touch that inspires to calmness and self-love. It is suitable for all skin types.

4. Self-cooling

It's naturally cold to touch and will offer a cooling effect.

5. Easy to sanitize material

You can easily clean and sanitize it before and after each use.  




  • White Crystal-Clear Quartz Gua Sha (distinct pattern and color due to natural variations)
  • Recyclable and reusable cardboard gift box
  • Ethically sourced material pouch
  • Vegan, Cruelty-Free, Sustainable, Inclusive



Our Commitment to a Greener Tomorrow

  • Environmental protection

LILIXIR White Crystal Facial Lift Gua Sha tools are handmade of natural stone White Crystal Clear Quartz which is 100% natural. When being processed, white quartz does not need special handling. Therefore, fewer pieces are damaged or lost during the process, and waste is minimized.

  • Durability

White Crystal Quartz endures longer than many other materials, and this means that it does not need to be replaced as often.

  • Re-Usability

Our White Crystal Gua Sha tools are highly re-usable. It could last for a lifetime if properly saved and used.

  • Do NOT discard the box

You can used the cardboard box as storage unit for your jewelry, cosmetics or any other small items.




Explore answers to common queries about Gua Sha, from usage recommendations to the benefits of different materials. 

Where to buy gua sha?

You can buy authentic white crystal gua sha stone as well as golden stainless steel gua sha on our website at

Does it matter which gua sha shape you buy?

Frequently, the shape is more significant than the kind of stone being used. The tool should be made of a non-porous, flat, thin, blunt material with curved edges. We advise choosing anything heart-shaped if you're seeking for a beginner's option. This shape is good for targeting the sensitive area around the eyes, mouth and chin.

How long does it take to see results from gua sha?

You will see benefits right away if done properly, keeping the tool flat to your skin (not particularly). Gua sha face massages should be given everyday or at least three to four times per week for best results. Yet, you're likely to experience and observe improvements more quickly than you might anticipate, regardless of how frequently you do it.

Will gua sha help with double chin and jawline?

Because this is an area where lymphatic fluid may quickly become stagnant, regular gua sha practice with LILIXIR gua sha stones is an excellent approach to refine, decrease, and thin the chin and jawline.

Which body parts can I use gua sha?

Gua sha is typically performed on the face, back, neck, shoulders, and sometimes on the legs. 

When is it recommended to use gua sha?

It can be done either in the evening right before bed to relax your facial muscles or in the morning to eliminate puffiness. We advise using it daily or at least three to four times a week.

Are gua sha results permanent?

Although gua sha may improve the appearance of the skin, the effects are frequently transient and not entirely permanent. You'll be able to observe long-lasting improvements more readily if you practice these facial massage rituals on a regular basis.

What gua sha stone or material is best?

A non-porous material is best because it will avoid germs being retained on the tool. Choose a stone with higher density, for example white crystal could be more dense than green jade. 

Stainless steel is more resilient than other stones. Thus you avoid the chance of it breaking too readily by picking a stainless steel gua sha. Unquestionably a better investment!


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