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What are LILIXIR Ageless serums good for?

These wonderful natural restorative elixirs will assist your skin become firmer, toned, and more hydrated for a complexion that is smoother, more radiant, and rejuvenated.

Elegant and restorative serums designed to improve firmness, tone, and hydration while reducing fine lines for a complexion that is more radiant, smooth, and replenished.

They revitalise the skin, give it a healthy shine, and encourage epidermal renewal while assisting in keeping skin suppleness.

Where can I buy LILIXIR natural skincare products?

You may purchase our products on this website or from social media links:



What type of skin your serums are good for?

Our LILIXIR Ageless Rejuvenating serums are good for all skin type, perfect for mature, dry, sensitive and digitally tired skin.

Can I combine LILIXIR Ageless Rejuvenating serums with other skincare products?

Yes, use the serums before your favorite moisturiser. It can be combined with any other skincare products.

Should I use LILIXIR Ageless Rejuvenating serum before or after the moisturizer?


Apply 2-3 drops of LILIXIR Ageless Rejuvenaing Day Serum in the morning, before your moisturizer. If you prefer a one step routine, add a few drops to your moisturizer to enrich it.


Use 2-3 drops of LILIXIR Ageless Rejuvenaing Night Serum in the evening, before your moisturizer. If you prefer a one step skincare routine, add a few drops to your moisturizer to enrich it.

Are LILIXIR serums 100% plant-based, vegan and organic?

Yes, LILIXIR Ageless serums are:

Is LILIXIR Ageless Rejuvenating Serum good for sensitive skin, acne-prone or oily skin?

Yes, they wok well for all skin type.

These serums are light, fas-absorbing and have a very light green herbaceuous aroma due to the small amout of organic certified essential oils.

What is the difference between LILIXIR Ageless Day serum and Night serum?

Both serums are made with 100% Plant-based Ingredients, 100% Certified Organic Ingredients, they are both 100% Oil-Based and vegan.

The difference between them is the ingredients, the effect on your skin, the feeling, texture, aroma and the speed of being absorbed by your skin. We recommend using LILIXIR Ageless Rejuvenating Day serum in the morning due to its botanical components and the the Night serum just before the bedtime.

LILIXIR Ageless Rejuvenating Day Serum is a sumptuous and restorative elixir that significantly reduces fine lines while improving firmness, tone, and hydration for a more radiant, smooth, and restored complexion. Due to the unique blend of organic certified essential oils, it has a rich, velvety, smooth, sweet, lemony, and flowery perfume that is natural. It is perfect for mature, dry, sensitive and digitally fatigued skin.

LILIXIR Ageless Rejuvenating Night Serum is a night-time beauty potion, a complex facial serum that helps reduce visible signs of aging. This concentrated formulation provides firmness and young radiance while also assisting in the improvement of skin tone, texture, and microbiota health. Its unique blend of organic essential oils gives it a pleasant, fresh, herbal, woody, and natural scent.

How are Shipping Cost and Sales Tax calculated by LILIXIR?

Shipping Cost

We use Canada Post shipping services that are automatically calculated at the checkout at The cost depends on the county the products are shipped and the size of the box.


Sales tax will be applied to all orders dispatched from in accordance with the tax laws of the province to which the order will be delivered. Sales tax is approximated at the time of order placement, and a final computation of the actual sales tax will be shown on your packing slip and purchase confirmation email.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we ship internationally with a few exceptions. See at the checkout if we can ship to your country.

How does tracking a shipment works?

You'll receive an email with a copy of your order after completing the checkout process. You will receive a second email to confirm your order has been shipped.

This email will also contain the shipping tracking information so you can monitor the order's status whenever it's convenient for you.

Your order can also be tracked from here. Please get in touch with a LILIXIR customer representative by sending us an email at, if you have any questions about the progress of your order.

How can I change or cancel my order?

Orders placed through our website are processed and shipped quickly. Unfortunately, we cannot cancel or modify orders that have already been shipped.

If you decide to cancel it before it ships, please contact us

Canada Post should deliver the package to you in approximately 3-5 business days. Please note that the order should be processed for shipments for an additional 1-2 days.

What are your shipping, return and refund policies?

LILIXIR Policies provide direction, consistency, accountability, efficiency, and clarity on how our organization operates.  These include norms and principles for co-operative members, clients, and partners to follow.


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