Our Brand Pillars

We live in a time when everyone is looking for a unique, innovative and personalized beauty experience.


At LILIXIR, we use the power of botanical actives, technology and innovation to develop high performing natural beauty products. Only scientifically proven effective ingredients are used for our advanced organic rejuvenating skin care. LILIXIR creates better and effortless skincare solutions for all conscious consumers looking for premium natural products.

Natural Beauty 

LILIXIR creates concentrated formulas to boost the healthy, natural beauty your skin dreams of. These sophisticated elixirs will leave your complexion glowing, nourished, pampered, radiant and flawless. We choose to use only plant-based ingredients for our complex formulations to help you elevate your natural skincare routine.  

Organic Ingredients

Each drop in our products is filled with Certified Organic extracts created by nature. These underestimated ingredients are the gold of LILIXIR skincare: healthy, friendly with the skin, nourishing, safe and the purest essence of anti-aging treatments.   

Science-based Innovation

The complex formulations developed by LILIXIR after years of research and testing show extraordinary results from combining natural bio-nutrients with the most advanced technologies.   

Sustainable and Cruelty-Free

In addition to how LILIXIR natural beauty products are developed and made, the recyclable packaging and responsibly sourced ingredients are real proves that we treasure the environment we live in. We make sure that our work is harmless for the planet. We do not conduct tests on animals at any stage in our manufacturing process and we do not commission suppliers that do so. 

LILIXIR is certified Cruelty-Free by the Leaping Bunny Program.

Diversity and Inclusion

When we talk about diversity and inclusion, at LILIXIR, we try to include as many people as possible. It's not just about skin color, gender, age or ethnicity. We value each individual, its background and cultural differences. There are often many people who feel excluded, people with additional accessibility needs - who suffer from visual, auditory, cognitive or motor impairments. 

We believe it is absolutely necessary that this be part of our core values and we want to ensure that all our users may access LILIXIR website and blog as easily as possible.