Our Story 

LILIXIR is a Canadian company, with headquarters in Montreal Quebec, creating high-performance skincare for all those looking for premium natural products. 

Our brand name originated from the fusion of Lily, the name of an elegant, versatile and resilient flower (fortunately, also on Quebec's flag and also the founder’s name!), and Elixir – luxury drops for seamless beauty and prolonged youth. 

Our founder is a certified expert in organic skincare and deeply passionate about harnessing the power of nature’s essences, therefore only the finest and purest ingredients are chosen for our complex formulations to help your skin enhance its natural beauty.



Our mission is to provide effortless skin-changing formulas for the conscious consumers who would like to benefit from a high-performance organic and natural premium skincare.

Since more and more people are disappointed with the skincare products they buy, we are here to make a substantial difference through results which will exceed the highest expectations.

We promise less and deliver more.




Our vision is a beauty brand that cares and contributes to achieving wellbeing on every level: healthy skin, happy people, safe planet.

We aspire to guide each person towards a life-changing revelation about what is inside of the box, why it is there and how it may help them.

Only equipped with this knowledge will they be able to compare cosmetics, compare skincare products and their ingredients, then make an informed, wise choice. 



What's different?