free download - a step-by-step guide to naturally glowing skin by lilixir

FREE Download - A step-by-step guide to naturally glowing skin by LILIXIR

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It's super easy to follow the step-by-step LILIXIR natural skincare routine. We have created a guide for you!  



Keep the magic going with LILIXIR's natural skincare, wellness, glow, and the future of sustainable beauty. No more need for paper print, download the e-Book below!


It contains everything you need to know about how to correctly take care of your skin.

- Simple natural beauty tips and skincare routine

- Easy steps to follow daily and why

- How to correctly cleanse, hydrate and nourish your skin

- The right order of layering your beauty products to maximize results and achieve a healthy-looking skin.



How to download "A step-by-step guide to naturally glowing skin" - by LILIXIR

1. Choose the language of the e-Book you want to download. Currently it is available in French and English.

2. Click "ADD TO CART" then "CHECK OUT"

3. Sign into your account or create a new one

4. Download the guide for FREE