About Us

Our Story

LILIXIR is a Canadian company, with headquarters in Montreal Quebec, creating high-performance natural skincare for conscious consumers looking for premium natural beauty products. 

Our brand name originated from the fusion of Lily, the name of an elegant, versatile and resilient flower (fortunately, also on Quebec's flag), and Elixir – that magic beauty potion, luxury drops for flawless beauty and prolonged youth.

LILIXIR's founder is a certified expert in anti-aging organic and natural skincare formulations, testing and preservation. She is deeply passionate about harnessing the power of nature’s essences, therefore only the finest and purest ingredients are chosen for our complex formulations to help your skin enhance its natural beauty.


"While studying to make organic skincare for myself, I experienced on my 'digitally fatigued skin' the transformational benefits of pure plant ingredients combined with science-backed formulations. I created LILIXIR to bring the industry an honest, effortless, luxurious, high-performance, sustainable and inclusive skincare experience."

- Lilia Ivanov, Founder & CEO



LILIXIR natural skincare products made in Quebec with 100% plant-based and organic ingredients. We create sustainable beauty products, holistic skincare for conscious consumers looking for a premium experience. We offer restorative elixirs, anti-aging best serum in Canada. Get free samples.



What's different?

We target one specific skin concern at a time, rigorously selecting only the utmost best available quality ingredients to provide effective results.

LILIXIR aims to change the skincare paradigm while empowering consumers with knowledge. We believe in making a difference step by step, striving to get better every day, drawing on science.

To us, beauty is a state of mind and is not defined by society. True to our values, we celebrate beauty in all we do: how we present ourselves, how we communicate, and what we surround ourselves with. 


Our Mission

Our mission is to provide effortless, skin-changing formulas for the conscious consumers who would like to benefit from a high-performance, organic and natural premium skincare.

Since more and more people are disappointed with the skincare products they buy, we are here to make a substantial difference through results which will exceed the highest expectations.

We promise less and deliver more.


Our Vision

Our vision is a beauty brand that cares and contributes to achieving wellbeing on every level: healthy skin, happy people and a safe planet.

We aspire to guide each person towards a life-changing revelation about what is inside of the box, why it is there and how it may help them.

Only equipped with this knowledge they will be able to compare cosmetics, skincare products and their ingredients, then make an informed and wise choice. 


LILIXIR Ageless Rejuvenating Serums day and night ti repair you skin and improve it's natural look.



We care

Premium ageless skincare brand

Brand Essence

LILIXIR brand essence is the premium exquisite feeling we consistently provide to customers and defines their experience with our products.

Beauty is a state of mind.

We believe knowledge is beautiful. LILIXIR empowers the conscious consumer starting with education. We are open-minded and curious, and we educate on the ingredients and their potential. Through our organic, concentrated formulas, we offer our customers a chance to make mindful, informed decisions while providing effective and transformative skincare.

Why LILIXIR? Natural beauty products 100% Plant-based Certified Organic Ingredients Certified Cruelty-Free Vegan Sustainable Skincare Inclusive Beauty Planet-Conscious Science-backed formulations  Made in Quebec Canada. Order your free natural face serums
LILIXIR organic and plant based skincare - About Us

Only plant-based ingredients


We believe in the power of active botanicals used in our natural restorative elixirs, concentrated solutions and sophisticated science based formulations handcrafted with love in Montreal, Quebec.  

100% plant-based, 100% organic certified ingredients.   

Conscious Consumerism - "LESS IS MORE"

We believe it's important to offer high-performant multi-functional concentrated formulations, that deliver multiple benefits at the same time. Consequently, less quantity is needed, fewer items will be created, and less natural resources will be used.  

Sustainable packaging

We believe sustainability is the key to a better future. Humans rely on natural resources for business, activities, and survival. Ignoring sustainability can lead to the exhaustion of natural resources. 

When creating LILIXIR sustainable packaging solutions, our team believes in using an all-encompassing strategy. It must be of the highest quality while simultaneously minimizing the impact on the environment
- Exclusively glass bottles for LILIXIR serums
- Boxes and wrapping paper made with 100% recycled FSC-certified paper 
- Water-activated adhesive, so LILIXIR tape is fully compostable
- Printed with renewable soy-based ink or no ink at all .

LILIXIR Mission statement: Our mission is to provide effortless skin-changing formulas for the conscious consumers who would like to benefit from a high-performance organic and natural premium skincare.
LILIXIR is a natural skincare brand from Quebec that creates luxury organic antiaging skincare. LILIXIR is one of the best Quebec skincare brands that offer the best organic skincare products in Canada. Beauty tips, wellness, luxury organic skincare.

Responsible Sourcing

We are committed to taking into account  social and environmental consideration when sourcing our ingredients. We choose only responsibly managed resources and responsible suppliers.  

Planting Trees

We will plant a tree for each bottle sold, in an effort to supporting global reforestation, partnering with environmental non-profit tree planting charities that plant tees in countries around the world.

Certified Cruelty-Free

No tests on animals at any point in our manufacturing system or supply chain. We are certified Cruelty-Free by the internationally recognized Leaping Bunny Program.