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Choose your favorite wellness tools and accessories to pair with your LILIXIR beauty products to elevate your skincare routine.


The self-healing properties of your skin are enhanced when its surface is activated by external triggers, such as massage with innovative facial tools, which help promoting the skin's natural ability to renew and repair.

Combining our high-performance ingredients with expert treatments will make your skin look remarkably luminous, toned, invigorated, notably more sculpted, and a refined, renewed appearance.


LILIXIR is one of the top natural skincare brands in Canada creating premium, 100% plant - based beauty products that are sustainable, vegan, inclusive and Certified Cruelty-Free.


LILIXIR Wellness tools - coming soon...


While waiting for them find more useful information on skincare science, beauty tips, wellness and plant-based skincare ingredients on LILIXIR Natural Skincare Science Blog.


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