Why Natural and Organic? Why not synthetic?

LILIXIR. Why natural? Why Organic? Why not synthetic?

Why Natural?


Nature has amazing properties, that's why we love natural skincare and we embrace the power of active botanicals. Nothing can be compared with an organic cold pressed plant oil made from seeds, roots, leaves or flowers.

Exquisite therapeutic grade essential oils, high-performance plant extracts, organic and exotic floral waters for LILIXIR make the difference.

Plants contain compounds which work in synergy with each other. They have been proven their potency since Ancient times and they continue doing it today.
Our body and skin are already used to process them, so they will not be invasive and absorbing them becomes an easy task.



Why Organic?


Organic ingredients are clean, and they can offer higher levels of nutrients. Plants are self-protective, they can boost their production of phytochemicals to strengthen their resistance to bugs and weeds when faced with fewer pesticides.

LILIXIR stands for the principles of health and sustainability in cosmetics and skincare. We feel strongly that organic ingredients are the cleanest and they contribute to beauty and wellbeing. We believe beauty is achieved by nurturing your skin with healthy ingredients. 


Why not synthetics?


Synthetics lack the therapeutic qualities that many natural ingredients offer. We do not pump our formulations with simple water, cheap fillers, animal by-products, synthetic skin irritants or artificial fragrances.

Synthetic ingredients are also often cheap, easy to use, and the cost is a big driver in modern cosmetics.

We do not compromise on quality and on essence of our formulations. That is what makes them effective. Our formulas are sophisticated and complex, made with a high percentage of rare and precious natural ingredients: true elixirs that will take the skin on a transformative journey.


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