Top 6 factors that influence your skin ageing. The sun is number one.

Top 6 factors that influence skin aging. LILIXIR Natural skincare science blog.



There are two primary skin ageing processes, intrinsic and extrinsic.


One of the major challenges of the twenty-first century is the fight against ageing, which is defined as a set of physiological mechanisms that alter human physical and intellectual capacities. 

Skin is a complex organ covering the entire surface of the body. Wrinkles, suppleness, and uneven pigmentation are characteristics of ageing skin. 

Intrinsic ageing is about the genetic background of each person. This form of ageing is inevitable and impossible to somehow slow it down through changes in human behaviour. 

Extrinsic ageing is dictated by the external factors to which our body is exposed, such as smoking, excessive alcohol, air quality, nutrition, and sun exposure. At LILIXIR we believe all these factors lead to premature skin ageing.

Sun exposure is considered to be the most significantly deleterious to the skin. As much as 80% of facial ageing is believed to be due to chronic sun exposure.



TOP 6 Extrinsic Factors that influence your skin ageing are:

1. The Sun 

The sun helps people's health by facilitating the skin's own natural production of vitamin D and endorphins. However, excessive UV exposure poses serious risks to the health of the skin, including pigmentary changes, wrinkling, and cancer. Dermatologists advise using UV protection all year round, every day, even in winter or on cloudy days.


2. Air quality and Pollution

 According to studies, pollution can speed up sebum production while lowering your skin pH, which is one of the key contributors to acne and other skin problems. Bad air quality and pollution reduces the amount of vitamin E and squalene in your skin. These are the two primary antioxidants at the skin's surface that promote wound healing and are the root of oxidative stress. Low levels of these two antioxidants are often linked to dry skin, which may be a side effect of pollution.

Read more about how Environmental Pollution affects your skin? and what can you do about it? - an article 


3. Diet, smoking and alcohol 

Lifestyle factors, such as consistent exercise and a healthy diet, can slow down the ageing process. Diet, food choices, and dietary habits all affect healthy ageing. Consult a dietitian, increase your water consumption, eat more vegetables, and reduce the amount of sweets and fats you consume.

It has been determined that smoking and alcohol are habits that pose serious health concerns. They can result in a number of degenerative dermatologic disorders, including skin ageing and improper wound healing.


4. Lack of sleep and rest

A pro-inflammatory condition, which is known to be induced by stress and sleep deprivation, compromises your skin, particularly collagen production.

Chronic poor sleep quality is associated with increased signs of intrinsic ageing, dark circles under eye, diminished skin barrier function and lower satisfaction with appearance.

5. Repetitive facial expressions

Expression wrinkles develop over time as a result of frequent facial movements like frowning and smiling. They leave a mark on the skin of the face in places like the corners of the eyes, the forehead, the glabella, and around the mouth.


6. Medical and cosmetic applications

The ageing of the skin is only one visible aspect of this process. It is associated with significant healing defects, which are linked in part to changes in the biomechanical properties of skin cells, particularly dermal fibroblasts. Beneficial anti-aging skincare formulations can help slow down the process by hydrating and nourishing the skin, improving the microbiome health and the skin barrier repair.

Cosmeceuticals such as LILIXIR organic and natural beauty products are filled with plant-based extracts that can help improve cell response to signals such as growth factors, stimulate collagen genes, neutralize free radicals, and decrease breakdown of collagen and elastin.

Our underestimated organic certified skincare ingredients are the gold of skincare: healthy, friendly with the skin, nourishing, safe and the purest essence of anti-aging treatments.


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