Why is the skin microbiome health important?

What is skin microbiome? LILIXIR skincare science blog

   What is skin microbiome?


Your skin is colonized by a diverse microbiota.⁠ It is home to a diverse milieu of bacteria, fungi, viruses, bacteriophages, and archaeal communities. ⁠

These microorganisms vary between individuals and between different parts of the body. The factors responsible for the unique variability of the skin microbiome are: the environment, genetics and lifestyle.

What is Skin Barrier?

Functioning as the exterior interface of the human body with the environment, skin acts as a physical barrier to prevent the invasion of foreign pathogens while providing a home to the commensal microbiota. ⁠

The skin microbiome prefers a relatively acidic environment, around pH 5.0, which also inhibits the growth of pathogens.⁠

Several factors involved in epidermal cell development and proliferation, cell-cell adhesion, and skin lipids may affect the integrity of the epidermal barrier.

Eczema is one of the skin conditions that can result from this barrier damage. On the other hand, eczema can harm the epidermal barrier.


Environmental protection skin function

The skin is constantly exposed to various internal or external factors that may impact its barrier function at the physical, mechanical, immunological, and microbial levels.

These factors can contribute to divers inflammatory skin conditions, especially those associated with barrier dysfunction. The barrier function of the skin depends upon a symbiotic relationship between resident microbial communities and host tissue. 

Recent research indicates that both bacterial diversity and the abundance of different microbes on the skin, may contribute to skin barrier stability or dysfunction.



How to protect and help your skin microbiome? 

Beneficial skincare formulation could influence your skin health by moisturizing, re-fatting and regenerating the epidermal skin barrier, thus maintaining healthy skin and supporting the natural skin microbiome. ⁠

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