7 easy steps to reduce your cosmetic waste

The beauty industry generates a huge amount of waste and this problem can be solved only with the help of consumers. Reduce, reuse, recycle, use your products before expiry dates, buy less and smarter!!!

Before more robust programs are developed by the governments, there are a lot of simple and small changes you can make at home to reduce and stop beauty waste.

7 easy steps to reduce and stop your cosmetic waste:

 LILIXIR 7 easy steps to reduce your cosmetic waste and stop beauty waste. Beauty industry generates enormous amount of waste and this can be solved only with consumers' help. Reduce, reuse, recycle, use your products before expiring dates, buy less and smarter!!! LILIXIR skincare log


1. Know the expiration dates to stop beauty waste

Being aware about when your skincare products expire allows you to buy only as much as you can use before they expire, avoiding tossing out products that haven't been used yet.

Never use expired products!

Using them may not have any benefits or even worst, they may have been decomposed into dangerous substances that could affect your skin in long term. Expired products, in addition to microorganisms, can cause allergic reactions or rashes, as well as losing their power and efficiency.



2. Discard correctly 

From time to time, you may have some expired products. That's fine, as long as they're discarded properly.

The best alternative is to drop off expired products to your local council garbage facility, where they will be properly disposed of by specialists. If that's not possible, products should be discarded in the trash.

It's critical not to flush unused items down the drain. Almost all cosmetics and skincare products contain chemicals or microplastics (either to stabilize formulae, add smell, or improve functionality). While these chemicals may be safe to use, they can have major consequences for rivers, as well as your home plumbing.



3. Recycle correctly

A single product is sometimes made up of several different packaging materials, each with its own recycling requirements and packaging standards. Read the instructions and separate the pieces when recycling.

Look for beauty brands that offer product refills or utilize minimal and sustainable packaging. 

By choosing sustainable packaging, consumers may exert significant pressure on firms to do more to make their packaging more sustainable. This would send a strong message to businesses that they must join in and make adjustments to help us achieve a circular packaging economy.



4. Buy smarter - less is more

Buying less in the first place is the most significant step toward reducing waste.

Finding multipurpose products, such as a tinted sunscreen that acts as a daily moisturizer, a foundation, and a sunscreen, decreases the amount of products required from three to one.

Look for items that have been produced in a more ethical manner. This may appear to be more expensive at first, but because you're purchasing fewer items, you'll end up spending less and stop beauty waste.


5. Resist impulsive shopping

We recommend that you resist the need to shop on impulse.
Don't buy multiple items just because they're on sale!
If you only need one cream or serum, buy one rather than a pack of three, that will end up expiring anyway.



6. Donate or sell your unused products 


If a product is still within its expiration date but you aren't planning on using it, donate it or sell it before it goes bad.

If you wish to recoup your costs and stop beauty waste, both Facebook Marketplace and eBay allow you to sell new and somewhat used items. 



7. Ask recommendations for ethical and sustainable brands


Asking at the counter where the ethical and sustainable products are will increase the demand. 

Though beautiful packaging is often part of a product’s appeal, you can still look for containers made from glass or aluminum instead of plastics, for "no packaging" or minimal packaging and refills.

The first priority should really be avoiding over-consumerism and stop beauty waste.


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