Clean or Green beauty products? How to choose?


 LILIXIR Skincare science blog. Clean or Green beauty products? How to choose?


Because "green" is typically associated with natural, and natural is often associated with "clean", these terms often overlap.


Let's make some clarity!

"Clean beauty products", at their most basic level, are free of potentially toxic and dangerous substances such as parabens, phthalates or formaldehydes, which have been proven carcinogen.

This doesn't necessarily mean that the products are entirely natural, organic or eco-friendly! Look on the website what "clean" means for each individual brand, because this is not a regulated term.

"Green beauty products" on the other side, are more about environmentally friendly components, and also the complete manufacturing process: low-waste or recyclable packaging, limited transportation materials, ethical employment practises, etc.

Around the green beauty market, you might hear terms like sustainable, recyclable, fair trade, and locally sourced.

LILIXIR natural beauty products made in Quebec, Montreal are both clean and green! 


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