Top 7 factors that influence skin ageing

LILIXIR, Top 7 factors that influence skin ageing


There are two primary skin ageing processes, intrinsic and extrinsic.

Intrinsic ageing is about the genetic background of each person. This form of ageing is inevitable and impossible to somehow slow it down through changes in human behaviour. 

Extrinsic ageing is dictated by the external factors to which our body is exposed, such as smoking, excessive alcohol, air quality, nutrition, and sun exposure. All these factors lead to premature skin ageing.

Sun exposure is considered to be the most significantly deleterious to the skin. As much as 80% of facial ageing is believed to be due to chronic sun exposure.


TOP 7 Extrinsic Factors that influence our skin ageing are:

1. The Sun 
2. Diet
3. Smoking and alcohol 
4. Lack of sleep/rest
5. Repetitive facial expressions
6. Air quality and Pollution
7. Topical applications (medical and cosmetic)

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