Why cleaning your face with water alone is not enough?

LILIXIR Skincare science blog. Why cleaning your face with water only is not enough? Blog scientifique LILIXIR Skincare. Pourquoi nettoyer votre visage avec de l'eau ne suffit pas ?


Cleansing is a key element in any skincare routine.


There are many different types of cleansers on the market, to suit all skin types and preferences. 
Why is it not enough to clean your face with water alone?⁠

Water alone may not be able to:⁠
🔹Remove makeup and dead skin cells⁠
🔹Remove oil, dirt and other pollutants⁠
🔹Cleanse pores and prevent skin conditions such as acne.⁠

There are multiple types of facial cleanser, just choose the one you like the most:
- Foaming cleanser
- Gel cleanser
- Gel-to-milk cleanser
- Lotion cleanser
- Oil based cleanser
- Bi-Phase cleanser
- Powder based cleanser or clay-based powder cleansers which needs to be activated with water.

Use a gentle cleanser twice a day for a better facial cleaning, to efficiently remove the dirt, dead skin cells and clean the pores.


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