Top 7 steps to get a naturally glowing skin



LILIXIR Skincare science blog. How to correctly apply the skincare products. A step-by-step guide to naturally glowing skin.


Skincare products are more effective if they are used in the correct order!


As a rule of thumb remember: Water-based before oil-based! Lighter before heavier.

Why? Oil and water don't mix unless they are emulsified in a cream, and oil can block water from penetrating because the oil molecules are bigger then water molecules, except for the essential oils.


1. Start with cleansers - it is very important to clean your skin twice a day. Clean water sometimes is not enough to remove all dead skin molecules, dirt and grime. Some people like to use an oil cleanser first, or otherwise called double cleanse. Use oil cleanser then follow by a foaming or a gel cleanser, gel-to-milk cleanser, lotion cleanser or any other type of cleanser you love.


2. Masques and exfoliators - consider them as treatments, they should be used 2-3 times a week to exfoliate the dead skin and to deep cleanse.


3. Watery products, such as toners, micellar waters or any type of mists. These types of products are the lightest, so should go first.


4. Aqua-gels - there are plant extract that are only water soluble, like hyaluronic acid, niacinamide (B3) or vitamin C, they are often used in skincare in form of aqua-gels serums. They should be layered before the heavier moisturizers.


5. Oil serums, elixirs or essences - they should be layered on top of water based products, below the moisturizers.


6. Moisturizers - light lotions or heavy creams go at the end, to block the oil inside for a better penetration and to keep the moisture on the surface.


7. Sunscreen - should be used every day of the year, in the summer, fall or winter. Don't forget the UV's go through clouds, rain or snow. The sunscreen is effective only for 2h, so you need to re-apply it each 2h.










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